Featured Guest: Veterans Radio Show Podcast

VetComm, on a Mission, to Support One Million Veterans!

The Veterans Radio Show, Friday, July 2nd, interviewed Kate MonroeThe CEO” bringing her into our Community of Veterans Helping Veterans Succeed. 

Kate is the Founder and CEO of VetComm, a platform build to help Veterans apply for their Disability Ratings and well-deserved Compensation Benefits.

Visit VetComm’s Website at:  https://www.VetComm.us/ where you find more information about VetComm and Pre-Register for their Get Rated Now Course by sending an email to [email protected].

The Veterans Radio Show features military veterans, spouses, and community leaders while exploring heroism, action, and leadership from those making it happen. Help us share the impact by subscribing, liking, and sharing with your network. Find out more and join the show at: https://www.vccsd.org/radioshow.

Pre-Register for our Get Rated Now Course at:  [email protected]
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Kate Monroe, CEO

Problems… Solved!  Some people talk about doing things, Kate just executes. In all her ventures, Kate is always going to tackle the task that can be completed and finalized today. 

If you bring a problem to her, she will solve it. In business, there’s not a better partner.

When you are ready for the next evolution of your business, desire to conquer a market or prepare for a Public Offering (IPO), and you want to WIN! 

You want Kate “The CEO” Monroe on your team.

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Schedule Time with Kate: Business Branding Business Growth Strategy Brand Marketing Executive Sales Training Initial Public Offering (IPO) Public Relations & Press

Ready to schedule some time to meet with Kate Monroe “The CEO“?

Great!  Please take a moment to see what is available on her calendar and be ready to get your hands dirty executing a precise Business Strategy that will achieve Your Business Growth Goal.

Time is Valuable.  Kate will not waste your time and appreciates that you will not waste hers.

You’ll, of course, be screened before sitting at the negotiations and strategy table, so come prepared with the mindset of a U.S. Marine and an accomplished Chief Executive Officer because that is precisely who will be sitting across from you.

“Tomorrow’s Success is the Result of Today’s Accomplishment.”

– Kate Monroe, CEO

"As Seen On" PRESS & News Media Sites

Chief Executive Officer

Kate Monroe Company's

Kate has her hand in many ventures, most are in the coaching and sales space. However, some are solution based. All were born of the same desire to solve problems in industry and for people. 

I Will Help You Deliver.

“What are You trying to accomplish Today?”

Be very clear about your business and process with Kate, as she only takes on ventures that are ready to pull the trigger and move forward!
Bottom line:  Kate will not have meetings to have meetings!
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Sales Training

If you need Advanced Real Estate Agent Sales Training or Next-Level Sales Coaching for you or your organization, regardless of your Industry or Business size, Kate and crew have you covered and can build a Training LMS Platform, speak to your team, speak at events, and design a perfectly tailored sales training just for you!

Pre-Launch Planning

In the pre-launch phase of any business, there is a myriad of tasks, and how you prioritize them is key to taking your business or idea to market. We can help you overcome the “need” to arrive “perfect” and start with the Most Viable Product (MVP), then moving to deliverable excellence.

Platform Design & Delivery

There is an old saying that goes, “build it and they will come.” The key to success here, is building it. You may have a great idea but are not sure how to bring it to life. Kate and crew build online platforms and essentially your “Business-in-a-Box” in as little as a few weeks.


Accomplishment Process
Project Process Overview

Why Our Projects are Successful

Strategy Chat

We will discuss your goals and what you are trying to accomplish to find your optimal path to success.
Step 01

Action Plan

We will develop a Project Plan and Execution Timeline that addresses Tasks in an Actionable Order.
Step 02

Execute Plan

Executing your Strategic Business Plan is the Roadmap to Achieving Your "Napoleon Hill Desire", Your Success!
Step 03
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Kate's Sales and Motivation Content

Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With

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