Realtor Rehab Academy | A New Kate Monroe Business in the Making

Interview with Kate Monroe, CEO of Realtor Rehab Academy

Success is Achieved by Execution and Accomplishment.

Kate’s Comments:

It’s always interesting to be interviewed. You think you have all the answers ready to go and then, bam, you wing it instead.

I watched this interview and laughed to myself as I drank my coffee (out of my little ember mug), as I do.

I smiled as I listened to the answers I gave. When you are put on the spot you often give the most real answer, the one you really think.

Sometimes in life, it’s best to just be your whole self. Not limiting your magic or your place. We try and be perfect. I wrote a piece about the difference between pursuing excellence rather than perfection.

It resonated with me as I watched this interview. This was excellence, not trying to be perfect, just being myself.

When I think about Realtor Rehab Academy (Advanced Real Estate Sales Agent Training) I get so excited because I know we are going to take some of these struggling agents and impart our success onto them.

My hope is they are getting interviewed and speaking to their own successes soon.

Todd and I really want to make a big impact, a lasting one, a real tangible effect in the lives of those we coach.

I said for me success was to see others succeed. It has always been true to me. I am sometimes the eagle, sure.

However, when I am the wind in the wings of other eagles it’s even more meaningful.

We hope you get excited about the Realtor Rehab Academy because if you are a realtor or are wanting to take a swing, you won’t find an easier and more fun way to learn to get the YES every time.

Remember this, “You Always have 5 More Minutes to Grind Out a WIN!

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